Time Management

Time management is the most important highlight of restaurant point of sale software.Employess can save ton of time and this results in increase in the productivity. A lot of paperwork can be done in fraction of seconds.


Reports generation through this best point of sale management system is as quick as speed of light. Sales reports help you keep track of remaining inventory, sales trends, re-ordering of stocks, high-margin profits items, promoting underperforming dishes, what marketing activities are the most successful, effectiveness of any campaigns, calculating days earnings and providing historical data on the basis of which future purchases can be predicted

Customer Details

Customer database provided and maintained by restaurant software is of great value when restaurant owners have to do target advertising or any incentive programs. Customer’s anniversary and date of birth is remembered by this best point of sale system which enables owners to send notifications to them and wishes them. It gives you the ability to recognize your best customers and reward them for their patronage.

Manage Specials

Manage Specials – Point of sale restaurant management systems automate the process of tracking current and marked down pricing. Discounts, coupons and promotions are often critical to attracting and retaining business. This best POS system excels at managing and reconciling short-term discounting automatically

Remote Access

Whether you're traveling between restaurants or taking a day off, remote access provided by this best pos software gives you the ability to see what's going on at the location and take action when needed.

Overcome Restaurant Flaws

A point of sale (pos) restaurant management system can track and evaluate every step in a product’s lifecycle from purchase from a supplier to the sale to a customer. You can use this data to understand a) where your losses are occurring, and b) where the flaws in your processes actually are, and act accordingly.